Monday, 23 February 2015

Tempting Fate

Not too bad a weekend especially as the heavy rain forecast for Sunday never arrived. We did have some rain but nothing very much. So with less than a week left of February there is a possibility that this February could turn out to be the driest of the last six years. If that’s not tempting fate then I don’t know what is.
We do have some rain forecast in the last week of February so by the end of the week it might not be holding on to its record.

Yesterday we had a wren in the garden which we were both trying to photograph. Unfortunately all my photos were of a little blurred brown bird and they were all consigned to the recycle bin. I had some excellent photos of leaves and twigs as my camera focused on anything but the subject I wanted. 
I didn't have any problems photographing this male blackbird finishing off the last of the fat from the coconut they've managed to unhook from its branch in the magnolia tree. 


  1. Lovely blackbird photo. Wrens are tricky aren't they. Let's hope it isn't too wet for the end of the month, I need some dry weather to get out and tackle my to do list.

    1. I need the dry spell to continue so that I can prepare our new strawberry bed - and a few other jobs too!


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