Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More Tempting Weather

After a lovely sunny day on Monday we were promised more of the same on Tuesday. It didn't quite work out that way. After some sunshine first thing it soon clouded over and the sun disappeared until early afternoon.
In the morning our final selection of strawberry plants for our new bed were delivered from Marshalls seeds. The little bit of afternoon sunshine gave me the chance to get them potted up. All our new strawberry plants are now potted up in the greenhouse where they will be able to grow on a little whilst their new home is prepared down on the plot.
These are our plants from Marshalls potted on and ready to grow on before planting in the plot. Our list of new strawberry varieties is as follows:

Cambridge Favourite, Cupid, Elsanta, Fenella, Malwina, Marshmallo, Royal Sovereign, and Vibrant.

As it was so pleasant in the greenhouse I decided to finish off setting our seed potatoes to chit. Then Sue gave me a bit of help to get the first of our onion sets into modules. We like to get some of our onion sets off to the best possible start and they won't be ruined by any frosty weather. We're now limited by space in the greenhouse so until I get some more tidying up done our shallots will have to wait a while.
Once they've started to shoot our onions will be moved into the cold frame to grow on in cooler conditions before they’re finally planted out in the plot.


  1. Very satisfying to get those new strawberries into pots. I shall be interested to hear what you think of Marshmallo, I've heard good things about it.

    1. We've grown Marshmello in our old strawberry bed CJ. It performed well and tasted good too. We decided to buy in some fresh plants for our new strawberry bed.


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