Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Monday was the best day of the month so far. Dawn till dusk sunshine with the afternoon temperature making it up to 9.1°C (48.4°F) it was a bit spring like. We didn't even have to pay a penalty through the night as the clear skies didn't result in an overnight frost.

The excellent weather tempted me into the greenhouse. It was 16°C (61°F) in there and the combination of lovely sunshine and mild temperatures tempted me into setting out some of our seed potatoes for chitting. 
I did cover them with some fleece as I've no doubt that between now and planting time we’ll have a few cold nights when they’ll appreciate a bit of protection.

I also “sowed” our first seeds of the season except that rather than protect them from frost with some fleece they went straight into the fridge for a bit of stratification. 
Sweet Cicely should be sown in the autumn and left outside over winter as it needs a cold spell to break the seed’s dormancy. So the seeds have gone into the fridge in a bag with some damp vermiculite for 4 weeks. 

I've just got to resist the temptation to sow any more “normal” seeds if this decent spell of weather continues.


  1. Your seed potatoes look very organized in the greenhouse! Warmer temperatures make you want to get out of the house! (Noticed the Fahrenheit numbers...that is very helpful! Thanks!)

    1. I forget that Fahrenheit is still commonly used throughout the world. Glad the figures are helpful.

  2. The weather is tempting us out isn't it. I spent a couple of hours in the garden today, some tidying, pruning and planting of strawberries. I dug up a couple of things as well, and found out that sorrel has a REALLY long taproot and artichokes are almost impossible to lever up. Oh yes, and there was a lot of slime and 24 golf balls in the pond. Good to see all those potatoes laid out and ready to go.

    1. Weather doesn't look so tempting for the rest of the week but it's been good for February over the last few days. We haven't done any outdoor gardening only a bit of messing about in the greenhouse.

      We have some fish in our pond CJ but as far as I know no golf balls.


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