Monday, 9 February 2015

In from the Cold

Sunday became our mildest day of the month as the temperature managed 8.0°C around lunchtime. With some decent sunny spells it wasn't too bad a day although a bit of a breeze developed in the afternoon.

As our freshly arrived seed potatoes went into the cold of the garage, some of last year’s crop swapped places with them as they came out of their winter storage for use in the kitchen.
These are Nadine a second early variety which we lifted on the 12 August 2014. They've been stored in the garage in supermarket boxes since lifting. They’re still in good condition but a close inspection shows that they’re just starting to sprout.
It’s a warning that those seed potatoes won’t be able to stay in the garage for long and space will need to be found in the greenhouse to start them chitting.

Whilst I was rootling around in the boxes of stored vegetables in the garage I brought out a few remaining onions from last summer’s crop too.
These are still very firm and should be satisfactory for use in the kitchen but there are obvious signs that these are starting to grow as well as the potatoes. When the onions went into storage the onion roots were dry and brown but now they are starting to produce new white roots.
Whilst it’s bad news in one way that our stored crops are starting to grow and will need to be used up fairly quickly the good news is that all this new growth is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

Whilst I was in the garage, I had a quick delve into the freezer and thought we’d try some of our quince preserve made from our Meeches Prolific last autumn.
We've certainly arrived at that time again where fresh vegetables from the allotment are in short supply and our frozen produce will come into its own.


  1. I'm getting to the last few onions as well, and the last tub of tomato sauce in the freezer. I have seeds in though! I planted some apricot chillies a couple of days ago. Another gloriously sunny day today. It won't be long before everything is sprouting.

    1. Lovely day here on Monday too CJ. We've plenty of goodies left in our freezer but I don't think our fresh supplies are going to last much longer. I'm resisting the temptation to sow any seeds.


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