Monday, 16 February 2015

In Search of The Tin Bath

There wasn't any let up in the dull and dreary weather over the weekend. 

It didn't stop us setting out on Sunday morning to photograph The Tin Bath a steam hauled charter train from Preston to Sheffield and then returning to Manchester. The train follows the old Midland Railway route into the Peak District through the Vale of Edale and this was where we intended to try out luck at a few photos.

It was dull and misty at home as we set out but the forecast looked a bit more promising  in the west. 
We’d decided that if it became too foggy we would turn around and head back home. It got rather murky in places but not too bad. As we headed up onto higher ground and over Strines Moor there were still remnants of snow to be seen.
Once over Strines Moor we were soon at Ladybower Reservoir a well known destination in the Peak District and there were suddenly a few signs that the weather might just be picking up a bit.
It didn't really last long before the rather dull and misty weather took over once again as we headed into the Vale of Edale. I’d decided to head for Edale itself to see if there were any good looking spots at the station for photography but as we approached Edale Sue saw a spot which looked promising and we decided to try our luck.  
As luck would have it the sun tried to break through the mist at just the wrong time making it a challenge to get a good photograph. I like the photo above though with the train almost disappearing from view as it heads along the valley between Edale and Hope. The situation wasn't helped by a camera problem but that demands a post of its own.

After a lunch of Thai green curry followed by orange pannacotta slice, we headed for Denby Dale to photograph The Tin Bath crossing the 21 span stone arch viaduct. The weather did its best to spoil our efforts. In the misty gloom any smoke from the two steam engines hauling the train merged into the dull grey sky line.
The view of the viaduct is spoil by the new modern industrial premises which I suspect aren’t going to last as long as the viaduct which was constructed in 1884 and is now a listed structure.

In case you were wondering why this train is called The Tin Bath, it’s after the TV series Last of the Summer Wine and the scene where Compo, Clegg and Foggy rolled down a Yorkshire hillside in a tin bath. In its travels through Yorkshire the train passes close by the Holmfirth area where Last of the Summer Wine was filmed. 


  1. What an interesting post! You were reading my thoughts...what is a Tin Bath? Really nice photos..looks like you both had fun day!

    1. We did but Sue wanted more time at the Garden Centre where we had lunch. I'll have to make a return visit there soon!

  2. You're right, the modern industrial premises are rather an eye sore. Love the pictures of the engines though, very moody and atmospheric in the mist. It's a beautiful part of the world.

    1. For some reason we haven't visited the Peak District for a while. Sunday's visit has convinced us to visit more often. It's good walking country.


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