Friday, 13 February 2015

Dull, Cold and Dreary - Time for the Archives

Not much to say about Thursday’s weather as the title of my post says it all.

I thought another delve into the archive was required comparing our plots today with how they looked 10 years ago this month. These few shots show that some parts of the plot haven’t changed too much with time.
Aerial view of plots circa 2005 showing location of photos
February 2005 looking down path between plot 29 & 30 (Direction of arrow 1 on plan)
February 2015 looking down path between plot 29 & 30 (Direction of arrow 1 on plan)
Our plum trees have grown over the last 10 years but everything else is much the same apart from the 2 large conifers which were only cut down last year. Most of the plots in this view have remained with the same plot holders over the last 10 years.
February 2005 looking across plot 30 (Direction of arrow 2 on plan)
February 2015 looking across plot 30 (Direction of arrow 2 on plan) 
Again not too much of a change over the years although plot 31 has been cleared on the right of the photo. Plot 30 is one of our main productive areas. This plot contains the composting area for all our plots and six beds each 10.0m long by 2.0m (33’ by 6.0’) wide surrounded by grass paths. It’s often filled with over wintering crops, such as the leeks in the above photo, and as a result isn't the most photogenic area of our plots.

Although we practice crop rotation with all the beds, one bed  on this plot is badly affected by club root and it’s our intention to convert this into our new strawberry bed once it can be prepared over the next few weeks.

It’s part of a tried and tested system hence the reason for little change over the years.


  1. Glad it's all working so well. I'll look forward to seeing your new strawberry bed. I got mine into my garden raised bed this week, and the rain watered them in nicely today.

    1. Didn't get any rain just damp, cold and cloudy all day. Any special varieties in your strawberry bed?


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