Thursday, 12 February 2015

February Reboot

After a few lovely February days Wednesday saw a return to more typical weather for the time of year. It was cloudy all day and the temperature didn't make it to much more than 4°C (39°F).
Monday 09 February - Wednesday 11 February 2015 (Wind Chill shown in Purple)
There wasn't any wind so there wasn't a wind chill factor but it still felt cold outside. 

So far we've had virtually no rain this month with only 0.6mm (0.02”) which is the lowest over the last five years by this time of the month. 
However the forecast is for some rain on Friday and the early part of next week so by this time next week things might be very different.


  1. It is like some days in February just tease us into thinking spring is almost here; then overnight very cold winter temperatures are back!!

    1. You have the same tempting weather in February just like us then.


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