Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Monday was a lovely sunny day it was just a pity about the strong to gale force wind that was blowing making it feel much colder than the temperature of 8.1°C (46.6°F) suggested.

By mid afternoon in the greenhouse the temperature was up to a very pleasant 18°C (64°F) and I decided to make the most of the conditions and get our shallots planted up into modules.
Our varieties this year are Red Sun and Golden Gourmet which performed well last year so we’re sticking with them again this year. Last year our shallots remained in their modules until the beginning of April when they were planted out into the plot. This year I’m a few weeks later planting them into modules but none of the shallots had started to sprout so I don’t think any harm has been done because of the delay.

Our bare rooted strawberry plants potted up a couple of weeks ago now are starting to produce some nice new leaves.
It’s important now to keep an eye on plants in the greenhouse to ensure that they have the correct amount of water. When it’s cold outside it’s easy to forget that any sunshine can warm up the greenhouse quickly drying out compost. Of course it’s equally important not to over water as on dull cold days as the greenhouse isn't any warmer than outside and plants don’t want to sit in cold waterlogged conditions.


  1. Those little strawberry plants remind me of summer; if only a little more sunshine and less cold it would feel closer to spring.

    1. Here it's tempting looking at the sunshine through the window but not so tempting once you get outside.


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