Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Garden of Two Halves

After a cold, frosty night and a cloudy start to the day, the afternoon turned out to be really sunny. This time of the year our pond at the back of the house doesn't get any sunshine. Neither do the bird baths, well not enough to melt the ice. The result is it stays cold and frosty all day. In the afternoon it felt pleasant in the sunshine at the front of the house but round the back there was still ice around on the pond and bird baths. The bird baths had been deiced with hot water earlier in the morning.
At the front of the house it was a completely different story. Some lovely afternoon sunshine made it feel like a spring had arrived. For the first time this year the sun felt like it had some warmth in it. Sue made a start tidying up the front border. I decided on collecting some litter that had blown into the garden in the January gales.
We had quite a collection, a couple of supermarket plastic bags tangled in our magnolia tree, what looked like a pizza container amongst the leaf litter and for good measure some felting from someone's shed roof.

Of course tidying up under the magnolia tree caused a bit of a commotion amongst the local bird population as they were all still busy finishing up the last scraps of the day’s food and didn't take too kindly to being interrupted by me. Apart from one rather persistent female blackbird who carried on regardless. 
The forecast for the rest of the week is for duller weather which is a pity. I don’t mind a bit of frost if it means some lovely sunny weather through the daytime.


  1. With cold temps here, putting warm water in birdbaths is a regular morning chore also! The yard is in pretty good shape; just waiting for those 60 degree temps mentioned in the weather report last night! Nice bird photos!

    1. We're forecast for some slightly milder weather by the weekend but not into the 60's. My maths is improving doing these conversions. Our milder is 6-7°C or mid 40's in °F.


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