Saturday, 21 February 2015


Friday was cloudy all day. It was one of those days where the wind has a bitter sting to it taking the edge off the temperature.
We made a return trip to Armitages Garden Centre at Shelley. It was a bit bleak as we passed by the Emley Moor television Mast but the display in the garden centre was cheerful even if it was a touch on the cold side deciding which bulbs we were going to add to our front border. 
We now have a tiny clump of snowdrops in our front border.


  1. Sue, thank you for clearing up something for me. A few years ago I went on a coach trip with my Mum and saw this mast in the distance as we were going home but couldn't work out what it was. Now I know. That's huge! Isn't it lovely to see the snowdrops once more - and the daffodils are not too far away now.

    1. The mast is easily spotted from the M1 as you're heading north or south on the motorway through West Yorkshire.


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