Monday, 29 December 2014

Wentworth Castle - A Winter Wonderland

Sunday morning was bright and sunny after a bitterly cold night with the temperature falling to -1.6°C.

We decided on a visit to Wentworth Castle to see the deer being fed. Between Christmas and the New Year the deer are treated to some extra food to tempt them into coming close to the fence where they can be watched at close quarters.

It’s only a 14 mile trip to Wentworth Castle but we found a different world when we got there.
Rather than just the light covering of snow we’d had at home there was a good few inches making the parkland look very scenic.
As expected the deer came alongside the fence to feed providing some excellent photographic opportunities.
After a walk around the parkland we were ready for a hot cup of coffee in the cafe.

I also managed to take a little bit of video too which you can watch below.

We've also added our photographs to our Zenfolio portfolio which can be found here.


  1. Excellent pictures I see the camera is brilliant at getting the white balance spot on, tricky with snow
    assume this is the all singing all dancing Panasonic 1000

    1. It is indeed. Fingers were a bit cold by the end of the afternoon. It got a bit tricky knowing if I'd actually pressed the shutter.

  2. Great photos of a lovely scene. Down here in the "sub-tropical" South we haven't had any snow yet, but it was mighty cold last night, with a very heavy frost.

    1. "Up north" nearer the Arctic Circle it only just managed to get down to 0°C last night. Our little bit of snow is hanging though.


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