Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Feeding Time

Sunday and Monday weren't too bad for December and so far winter is progressing nicely without any serious weather issues. We had some wintry sunshine on both days and although the daytime high was only around 6°C, about the expected value for the middle of December, we avoided any more overnight frosts.

Even if we don’t have any frosts the garden birds are eagerly waiting for me to put out fresh supplies of seed and suet pellets each morning. Last year we had a male blackbird, affectionately  known as “Hoppy” due to his leg injury, who was usually first to the bird table. This year it’s a female blackbird who’s taken on the first to the table role.
She’ll happily perch in our magnolia tree no more than an arm’s length away from me as the food is spread on the bird table and move in for the kill as soon as I turn away.
She has to be quick off the mark because it’s not long before the heavy mob move in taking over the whole bird table for a few minutes scattering food in all directions. Once they've moved off a few other birds get their chance to enjoy a little breakfast.
Whilst there’s not much to do outside I'm going to try to manoeuvre the bird table and my camera into slightly better positions for taking photos. I'm not expecting for one moment the birds won’t notice the changes but whilst I’d like to improve the photo opportunities I don't want to stop the birds getting their morning feed. 


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