Sunday, 7 December 2014

Steam to Lindum Fayre and an Afternoon Walk

Friday and Saturday were both sunny and cold December days but thankfully Thursday’s gloomy weather had disappeared.

I’d planned another steam train photography session combined with a visit to a nature reserve for Saturday providing the weather was anything like decent. So on a beautiful clear and frosty Saturday morning we set out for Lincolnshire. The plan was to capture two steam locomotives hauling charter trains to Lindum Fayre a traditional Christmas Market held in the City of Lincoln every year. In the afternoon the plan was to visit Whisby Nature Reserve run by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall with The Lyndon Christmas Fayre from Birmingham
60009 Union of South Africa with The Lyndon Fayre from London Kings Cross
Even at lunchtime the ground was still white over with frost around Lincoln as the temperature refused to rise much above freezing point. Once the trains had made they way to Lincoln and the Christmas market we headed for the nature reserve for lunch and an afternoon walk around the reserve. It was our first visit to the reserve so we didn't know what to expect but we’d certainly picked an excellent day weatherwise to visit.
There were some lovely views around the reserve in the afternoon sun making up for the fact that some of the birds were a little too far off for any really good photos. 
This robin posed nicely by the side of the path giving me just enough time to get a couple of shots before it disappeared off into the bushes. 
By the time we headed back to the cafe for a cup of coffee, before journeying back up the A1 and home, the sun was setting on what had been a beautiful December day.  

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  1. Some beautiful photos there, it sounds like a wonderful day.


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