Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Mild and Windy Weather Continues

Monday came very close to being our mildest December day as the temperature managed to make it to 14.0°C. As it turned out it was our mildest December day since Boxing Day in 2011 when the temperature managed 14.2°C. 
It did manage to produce the mildest average temperature for December though as the overnight temperature only fell back to 11.7°C giving a daily average of 12.6°C just above the previous highest of 12.3°C on that Boxing Day in 2011.

The wind continued to blow and December 2014 has easily become the windiest December of the last few years.
The wind resulted in lots of flights from Leeds and Bradford Airport being diverted to other airports around the country. This flight from London Heathrow attempted a landing before aborting the attempt and heading off to Manchester.

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  1. A little less breezy here today thankfully. I hope you and Sue have a lovely Christmas.


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