Monday, 22 December 2014

Rubbish Collection

The weather has remained remarkably mild over the weekend but we've had hardly any let up from the continuous battering from gale force winds. The last few Decembers have been windy but this December is now the windiest. So far it hasn't had the strongest gusts of wind it’s just been very persistent. The forecast is for a windy week to come.

Our council collect plastic recycling every couple of weeks but their method of collecting isn't very good especially in windy weather. On Monday morning our front garden was littered with plastic pop and milk bottles. Our collecting crate was full but fortunately I have a spare that was once deposited in our garden on a previous windy collection day. 
The council have been on their round and emptied the crates and look what we've now been left with. It looks like someone’s old waste bin which has finished up being blown into our garden. Perhaps it was left out to be recycled as plastic rubbish who knows. All I know is that it’s now my rubbish and I’ll have to get rid of it. 

The council are talking about changing their collection method but they've been talking about it for years. We live in hope.


  1. We have the same problem on windy days. Our milk cartons go in a bag, and cardboard goes in a different bag. They have Velcro tops but it doesn't always keep everything in and it ends up all down the road. A big parasol blew into our back garden the other day!

    1. I think someone collected the old broken waste bin. Then again perhaps the wind blew it somewhere else but I don't think so. I've got visions of lots of refuse collectors unzipping Velcro to empty the contents of the bags into bin lorries.

  2. "Warmer, Wetter, Windier"

    p.s What are my gloves doing on your blog header???


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