Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New Meaning to Cold Greenhouse

Monday was coldish with sunny spells and Tuesday was cloudy and dull with the wind picking up to gale force into Tuesday evening and the early hours of Wednesday morning. Nothing unusual for December.
We've had a couple of days now where the day’s high temperature has occurred during the night. On Tuesday the highest temperature of 11.9°C occurred at 21:20 before falling back quite rapidly to just above 4°C in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

I always assume it will be warmer in the greenhouse than outside although in spells of prolonged cold weather without any sunshine the temperatures inside and out become more or less equal. Very unusually with the outdoor temperature rising quickly and only for a short time in the hours of darkness the greenhouse highest temperature has been lower than the outside temperature. Inside the greenhouse reached only 8.5°C by 21:20 compared to 11.9°C outside before falling away as the outdoor temperature fell sharply.

At least the plants inside the greenhouse avoided the wind and showers.


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