Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Little Bit of White Stuff

As forecast we got a little bit of snow on Boxing day. It began as light rain in the late afternoon and turned into light snow after dark.
The photo above was taken around 20:00 on Friday night. There was still a little snow falling but not very much.  
This is how the greenhouse looked on Saturday morning as the winter sunshine got to work melting the snow on the greenhouse roof. In the end we didn't get very much. There was just about enough to cover the ground but certainly we didn't have a heavy snowfall.
It’s been cold enough overnight to freeze the snow and our side road is covered with a mixture of snow and ice. Cars make a wonderful crunching noise as they travel over the frozen surface. The real pity is it snowed on Boxing day as of course a day earlier would have given us a white Christmas. 


  1. Strange Martyn that we say wouldn`t it be lovely to have a white Christmas but whenever it does snow we are totally unprepared for it and the country grinds to a halt well at least it does down south

    1. Same happens up north too David. A little bit of snow and everything stops.


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