Saturday, 20 December 2014

Freezing Gale Force Winds

If the only thing you consider for Friday is the temperature, which managed around 8.0°C during the daytime, then you’d think it was a decent sort of a day for December. We even had a few sunny spells thrown in too. The only problem was the freezingly cold gale force wind that blew for most of the day and was at it worst around teatime.
Recent Decembers have all been windy and we have to go back to the bitterly cold December of 2010 to find a calm month.

I'm hoping that our broadband issues have now been sorted out. We've had to invest in a broadband extender kit so that our signal can be transferred around the house using our electrical wiring circuit rather than me having to thread Ethernet cables around the house and through various walls. After a bit of a false start it seems to be working well.
The final test is adding a photo to a blog post. Yesterday our wireless connection behaved a bit like an old dial up connection where you watched a picture appear gradually line by line if you were lucky. It’s now back up to speed and I'm hoping it’s going to stay that way.

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  1. I'm fed up of the wind, it's my worst kind of weather. Glad you managed to get the internet sorted out. It's one of the best things ever invented but such a pain when it isn't working properly. Love the photo you've added.


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