Monday, 1 December 2014

Autumn Leaves

After such a lovely start to the day on Sunday it was a pity the sunny conditions didn't last beyond lunchtime before the clouds once again took over. At least I managed one sunny picture taken in the garden on Sunday morning which was posted on yesterday’s blog.

Our medlar tree has been hanging onto its leaves well into autumn. I noticed on my short expedition into the garden on Sunday morning that over the last few days almost all the leaves have fallen. The gloomy weather has been very calm and the leaves all appear to have stayed where they had fallen over the last few days.
There hasn't been any breeze to distribute them around the garden which is what normally happens. The magnolia has also shed lots of leaves too and these are piled up on top of some ferns growing around the base of the bird bath.
Although it turned cloudy in the afternoon we headed down to the plot to harvest a few more vegetables as supplies were running a bit low. There too where the leaves had fallen from the hazel bushes they remained around the base of the plants waiting for a breeze to come and distribute them around the allotment site.
It wasn't a bad afternoon at all on the plot. The sunshine had disappeared but with hardly any breeze and a temperature of around 12°C it was a decent last day of autumn. 
With all the plot trees now leafless the task of giving them a winter wash can begin. With a bit of hindsight Sunday with its calm and still conditions would have been an excellent day for spraying our plum and apple trees. I'm sure I’ll get another chance before the trees are breaking their buds next spring.

I've added our harvested carrots, parsnips, leeks and cabbage to our November harvesting list which can be found here.


  1. Lots of leaves on my plot too from the tree at the end of the site. Who is responsible for the grass at your site? Do you have someone who comes round and mows it for you or does everyone do their own? It looks very healthy and weed free.

    1. Everyone has to cut their own grass on the plot CJ. Like the idea of someone coming round and doing the mowing though - how are you fixed! The grass paths on the plot have never been sown with seed just left to grow weeds and grass together but mown on a regular basis. The result amazes me as we don't have too many weeds in the paths.

    2. I'm always SO grateful to the chap that does the lawnmowering, there must be at least twenty paths running down (and up!) the site, as well as some horizontal ones as well. It's a frequent job in the summer as you can imagine, and really hard work.

  2. The tougest job is to clean them up! Mowing the grass in my garden is a big job for me! hahhaa.....

    1. Hi Malar
      Far too wet and soggy to tidy up the leaves at the moment. That's my excuse anyhow!


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