Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How Cold?

I keep seeing and hearing about it being the coldest day or night of the year so far but to be honest whilst it’s been cold and frosty in Ossett the thermometer hasn't plunged all that low on a night. Then to be fair it hasn't risen very high through the day either.
We've certainly had a cold snap over the last few days with the temperature struggling to get above 5°C. The coldest night during this spell was on 29 December with a low of -1.6°C, the lowest since 09 March 2014 when the temperature fell to -2.4°C, the coldest night of 2014. The lowest average daily temperature of this current cold spell was on 28 December with an average of 1.5°C the lowest since 12 January 2014 when we recorded 1.4°C. So for us in Ossett not quite the coldest temperatures of the year but of course it could have been different where you live.

The sunny mornings have given me a chance to try to photograph our female blackbird who is nearly always first onto the bird table. She’s prepared to perch in the magnolia tree and get very close to me but should I make eye contact she moves further away. 
Balancing some bird food a camera and trying not to look at the subject you want a photograph of is a bit tricky. These are my best two pictures to date. I haven’t spent too long outside trying to get the best pictures as for one thing it’s been pretty cold first thing on a morning and Mrs blackbird is fairly keen to get her breakfast. 


  1. Minus 2.4 is not very cold for coldest day of the year, is it? Wasn't it minus 14 or something ridiculous, the previous year? I don't keep records of these things, but I'm pretty sure we had temperatures below minus 2.4 here during 2014, which is a bit odd considering we are a lot further South than you.

    1. You're correct in thinking that minus 2.4°C isn't very cold for the coldest day of the year but it is correct for Ossett. We've had a mild year this year going all the way back to January. Previous years coldest days have been 2013 minus 4.5 (March), 2012 minus 5.9 (February), 2011 minus 4.0 (March) and in 2010 minus 10.3 (December). I don't want that minus 10.3 to be repeated.


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