Friday, 5 December 2014

Just Typical

After a couple of lovely sunny days Thursday turned back into dull and gloomy. The cooler temperatures remained and typically this was the day I'd planned a little bit of steam train photography followed by a visit to a nature reserve either Potteric Carr or RSPB Fairburn Ings.
Our steam train was due to arrive in York around lunchtime. Fortunately it was on time but it still felt pretty cold even though we were only waiting a short time for The Cathedrals Express to pass by. We decided against a visit to either nature reserve after the train had passed and disappeared off into the murk towards York.  As it was cold and a bit misty we didn't think the weather was very conducive to any good bird photography.
4464 Bittern only has one more charter train to haul before it’s withdrawn for the steam train equivalent of an MOT at the end of the year. The main difference is that this MOT will probably come with a bill in excess of £500,000.

A Little Extra Video
Our local news programme on the BBC covered this story about a cute baby goat which I thought you might enjoy.


  1. The goat's adorable, but he'll be quite a handful in two months' time!


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