Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Apples Harvested

Monday never really managed to sort itself out. It started out a bit murky and later in the morning the sun did its best to break through the clouds but never really managed to accomplish the break through. We left the plot earlier than intended in the afternoon as it began to rain. It wasn't very heavy but it continued into the evening bringing the total rainfall for the month up to 9.6mm.

The forecast is for the good settled weather to come to end in the next few days with more unsettled conditions spreading in from the west bringing rain and winds. It seemed it might be a good day to harvest the remaining apples.  We picked our first few Discovery apples on 05 August and we've harvested various varieties regularly since then.
Most of the apples left for picking were on our apple hedge. We don’t know for certain any of the varieties that make up the hedge but we've named them all as best we can. Unusually this year we've a crop from our “Worcester Permain”. Normally we only get one or two apples from this tree but for some reason its done extremely well this year producing a good crop of good sized apples. It’s an excellent dessert apple. 
We also had a good crop from Egremont Russet which is my favourite apple. We know this variety for certain as we planted this tree a few years ago now in 2008.
As you can see this year’s crop was pretty good with some fairly large sized eating apples.
All the slightly damaged apples will be sorted and used up quickly in apple crumble or frozen to use through winter. The rest will be stored in the fridge in the garage where they will keep in good condition for a few weeks.

Perhaps it’s time to bring the “Crown Prince” squashes home before the weather turns for the worse?

I've finished editing part one of my video of our visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway covering Friday 26 September. There’s plenty of smoke, steam and some stunning Yorkshire Moors scenery too. Click here for the video link.


  1. Lovely apples. We had some absolutely huge Egremont Russets this year, they were exquisite. All gone now though, I'm forcing everyone to eat pears, we have lots. Turns out they all prefer apples though.

    1. Forcing everyone to eat pears. Is there something wrong with them? The pears I mean.

  2. Looks like you've had a great crop of apples! I had 3 apples on my self fertilizing pot grown apple tree - eaten at the weekend.

    1. We've done really well with apples this year Kelli. It will be a bit of a blow when we have to start buying them from the greengrocer again. We have one pot grown apple tree at home and you had three more apples on yours. Hope they tasted good. There's always next year.


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