Monday, 22 September 2014

Poised for a Dry Calm Month?

Sunday was much brighter than the last few days although it clouded over around lunchtime for a while. A couple of coolish nights with the temperature falling to 6.9°C and 6.1°C are a reminder that autumn’s here.

After a wet, windy and cold August, September has so far turned out dry, calm and mild in comparison.
At the moment September is in line to be one of the driest months of the last five years but of course it will only take one wet day in the remaining week or so to change things around.

There’s also the possibility of September joining June 2011 as the only month in the last 5 years when we haven’t had a gust of wind over 15mph. 

After a colder than average August when the average temperature for the month ended up at 15.1°C, the average for September (up to midnight on 21 September) was 14.9°C very little difference to August. September’s temperature is around the expected value but does go to show what a cool month August was.

The forecast for the rest  of the month seems rather similar with high pressure remaining in charge of the weather. The real test for the forecasters is to accurately predict when we can expect a change in the current weather pattern. 

Updated weather charts to the 21 September can be found here.


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