Wednesday, 17 September 2014

In a Knot

After another very dull and murky morning the sun came out early in the afternoon making it a lovely sunny afternoon with the temperature reaching 20.5°C.

I have no idea why I noticed this on the plot today but I did. One of our grapevines on the plot is Boskoop Glory and it’s trained on canes to grow along the side of our shed. 
This is how we tie it to the cane to allow the vine to grow horizontally along the shed. 
This is how the vine does it with a knot all of its own. Isn't that a lovely tidy knot. 

I was thinking today it was a good job I hadn't stopped our Sungold tomato or we would have run out of its sweet juicy tomatoes by now. It’s happily continuing to produce tomatoes with its flowers and fruits pressed up against the greenhouse roof. As I was looking at a well known Supermarkets web site for the price of fruit and vegetables I was pretty amazed to find that they were selling a super, extra special sweet variety of tomato. It wasn't Sungold and in fact it wasn't one I've heard of but it won’t be able to beat Sungold for taste. The price for these super special tomatoes - an amazing £9.72 per kg. 
Hidden under a few salad leaves are some Sungold I picked for lunchtime today. These few weighed in at a little over 100gms or valued at £1.00 by this particular supermarket. It values our seasons crop of Sungold at £30.60.

Our photos of our visit to Formby and “Red Squirrel Walk” are finished and can be viewed online here. There’s also a video of the red squirrels here.

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