Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Going Yellow

Tuesday was a lovely sunny September day with a light breeze and the temperature reaching 20.8°C in the afternoon.

This year the tomatoes in our home greenhouse have been the ones to grow without any weird problems affecting them unlike last year when we had a complete crop failure. Our earliest and tastiest tomato has been Sungold. Our other tomatoes are now starting to turn, turning involves going from green to yellow, but this succession is more by accident than design.
I've labelled this plant “Kings of Colour - orange beefsteak variety” but it looks much more yellow than orange to me. One thing for sure is that it’s a large tomato. You may be able to spot a full grown Sungold resting on the tomato to the right to help give a sense of scale. 
The tomatoes above are Amish Gold and these too are fairly large tomatoes but not quite up to the size of Kings of Colour. Then lurking amongst the yellowing tomatoes are Alicante a much more usual tomato variety.
To further prove the point that I had yellow on the mind when selecting this year’s seeds for the greenhouse our first pepper to turn is Orange Bell.
This one is going to be our first ripe pepper of the season. It’s a large pepper for us, as normally we only manage to get fairly small fruits but this year we seem to have pretty good crop of large peppers. That little Sungold tomato, behind it, is there again to help size the pepper.

If you’re wondering what became of that little Sungold tomato, it didn't make it out of the greenhouse. What better on a lovely sunny day than a tomato straight from plant to mouth - well almost.


  1. Lovely tomatoes, and the pepper is superb. I've only ever managed the horn-shaped ones, the big ones don't like it outside. The Amish Gold look good. I grew some yellow tomatoes for the first time this year, Golden Sunrise. It's surprised me and done pretty well, I'll definitely be growing it again.

    1. We don't normally do very well at all with peppers so this year is a bit of a surprise. I don't think we've tried Golden Sunrise. Always on the look out for something different.

  2. The tomatoes are really promising! Home grown tomatoes must be very sweet and juicy! The pepper look good too!

    1. Much better than the tasteless supermarket tomatoes Malar.


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