Thursday, 25 September 2014

Our Pear Tree Thinks It’s a Fig

Wednesday wasn't too bad a day with some decent sunny spells although there were a few rather threatening clouds about at times.
Our pear tree Invincible had lots of flowers in spring as this photo taken on 18 April shows.
By the middle of May things looked to be shaping up for a good crop of pears. Lots of the flowers seemed to have set fruit so we were hopeful of a good crop.
But as I’m sure all gardener’s are aware, you can never count on anything until it’s harvested and even then there might be other issues. Anyway these fruits never got much bigger than in the picture before they all parted company with the tree. Since the middle of May the tree has produced a few flowers at varying times through summer. Unfortunately these flowers haven’t gone on to produce full size pears but at the moment we have two generations of pears on this little tree.
We have three or four fruits that are the size of mini pears. As you can see this one isn't much bigger than the leaves on the tree. Then there’s another generation of fruit on the tree from some later flowers.
The only other fruit tree I can remember seeing with different generations of fruit is a fig tree. I suppose I should remove these fruits from the tree as they are never going to have a chance of forming full size fruits. Then again I've never been any good at thinning out tree fruit so I’ll probably wait for them to fall off naturally.


  1. I can't ever bring myself to thin fruit either. I hope you had a good harvest of full-sized pears as well.

    1. We have three pear trees at the plot which have produced a total of three pears this year. One of those fell of the tree and was rotten in any case. So one each to eat. Not a good year!! Next year must be better.


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