Friday, 5 September 2014

A Little Sunshine Please

Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday. It was overcast and mild. The sun tried to make an appearance mid morning but it lost out in the battle against the cloud cover. 

We spent part of the afternoon at our local RSPB Reserve at Fairburn Ings. The overcast sky tended to give a washed out effect on photos especially over the large lake.
Obviously the swans though the day looked better from under the water than above it. Most of my shots only needed a tap with the delete key once they were downloaded.
Probably my best shot of the day as little and large helped themselves to some peanuts.


  1. got to be careful here Martyn, "two nice tits" couldnt put it any other way.

  2. I love the swans with no heads, brilliant. Lovely tits shot too. They've taken down the feeders at Slimbridge at the moment to our disappointment. Hopefully they'll be back before too long.

    1. Some of the feeders were empty at Fairburn which is a bit unusual. It must be a full time job for someone to keep topping them up.

      The swans had just been fed and were scouring the lake bed for the final scraps. I didn't know all the heads were down until I downloaded the photos.


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