Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Most Unusual For Us

Not to be outdone by Monday, Tuesday was another brilliant September day. The last couple of nights have just fallen into single figures centigrade and it’s taken a little while to warm up but each afternoon has managed around the twenty degree Celsius mark.

Believe it or not we visited two garden centres today and didn't buy a plant at either. The first visit was to buy some bird seed. Our very own flock of sparrows are getting through lots at the moment. We checked if the garden centre had any autumn onions but they’re expecting them in at anytime.

After lunch we made our second visit. This was to return some pruners with a telescopic reach and saw attachment which we’d bought to prune our crab apple tree. Whilst the saw attachment proved very useful the pruning part of the equipment wasn't and broke when I was cutting through one not particularly large twig. It certainly wasn't 25mm claimed to be the maximum cutting diameter for the pruners. The goods news was they were exchanged without any hassle so hopefully the new pair will be a bit sturdier.

We did buy an extremely large pot for our cherry “Stella” to move into though.
It’s spent summer outside in this “air pot” which I've found very difficult to keep watered. Stella now has a new home in a bigger pot and I'm hoping she’ll produce a few cherries next year.
I sorted our last batch of potatoes, dug up a few days ago, into supermarket boxes and stacked them in the garage. I think I might have gone a little over the top with potatoes this year.
I'm not really too sure how this happened as I thought I bought fewer seed potatoes. I even let our new plot neighbour have a few Charlottes for his patch. Maybe we've just had a better crop than usual. I’ll have to tot up the totals and check. Provided nothing goes wrong with our potatoes in store they should easily see us through to next spring.

We've now finished sorting out our photos of our visit to Boundary Cottage, open last Sunday under the National Garden Scheme, and these have been posted in a new web photo album located here.


  1. I have my Stella cherry tree in a half barrel and it doesn't seem to be very happy, we've only had one decent crop from it, so I'm thinking of putting it in the ground. The only problem is that the space I've got for it is very shady so I'm not sure it will do particularly well there.

    1. Perhaps my large pot isn't such a good idea then Jo. I suppose if it doesn't do any good in its enormous pot it will eventually be planted in the ground. No doubt it will be the subject for some future blog posts.

  2. That`s quite a haul Martyn after your blight problems well done, point of interest will you spray with Bordeaux mixture next year for blight or wait and see if it occurs?

    1. That's a good question David. I don't really like spraying unless I'm really forced to do so. I think I might spray next year if we have mild damp conditions again as this year. I also joined Blightwatch. If they post that suitably conditions are about I'll probably spray with Bordeaux mixture.

  3. Visit gardne centre is really interesting! That's very good harvest of potatoes!


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