Monday, 29 September 2014

Smoke and Steam on the North Yorkshire Moors

The last few days haven’t been too bad for the end of September. Certainly Friday was the best of the days with some long sunny spells and early morning on Sunday was the coldest with the temperature falling to 4.4°C.

We spent a couple of days filming and photographing on the North Yorkshire Moors around the railway’s autumn steam gala which is held usually over three days every September. On these occasions I normally do the filming and the photography is down to Sue. That includes any pictures of steam locomotives. 
This shot is taken high on the moors overlooking Whitby and the North Sea beyond. It’s possible to make out the remains of Whitby Abbey perched on the top of the cliffs. Of course I can never be sure that Sue’s camera is trained on the steam locomotives and I'm never disappointed with the variety of pictures from one of our expeditions.
We just happened to park the car by the gate to where this beast was kept. I'm not sure that’s a pleased to see you look. But beasts of a different sort were on the main agenda and this picture of 45428 Eric Treacy (named after a Bishop of Wakefield who was a keen steam train photographer), with the dining train The Pickering Pullman, was taken at Goathland station.
We had an afternoon walk from Goathland station to Darnholme, a lovely spot on the railway for taking photographs. It’s a rather steep walk in places but the scenery is well worth the effort. This picture doesn't do justice to the steps which Sue will confirm have individual rises of half a metre.
The railway shots aren’t bad either as the locomotives have to work hard on the climb from Beck Hole to Goathland.


  1. Fantastic photos, it sounds like a wonderful trip.

    1. The good weather helped. Even then we managed to get a bit wet in the one and only heavy shower. Amazing how quickly the weather can change up on the moors.


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