Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm not So Sure!

Tuesday was another nice day to end September with a very pleasant afternoon temperature of 21.4°C.

I decided it was time to get on with a bit more autumn lawn treatment. I did aerate a small part of one lawn a few weeks ago as a test of my new aerator. It seems to work alright so the rest of the lawn got the aerator treatment and a rake with the tined rake to remove old dead grass and moss.
This is how the lawn by the pond looks like after treatment. A dry September has had an effect and there’s not a lot of green grass left now. It looks like it could do with some of the greenery I raked out putting back but it’s a bit late now.
It’s got some pretty large bald patches and by the log roll edging where some moss had taken hold there’s nothing but bare soil where the moss has been raked out. I think I'm going to try to reseed a few areas and see if it will germinate before any cold weather arrives.

The lawn in front of the greenhouse is looking a little bit better. At least it looks to have a bit more grass and only has one area that looks a bit iffy. 
I might scatter a little bit of seed in this area too although there aren’t any big bald patches in this lawn.

The best bit of grass is by the puddle pond where the grass has a few stepping stones set in as it’s our regular route up to the greenhouse. This bit of grass didn't look too good when I’d finished the steps leading to the summer house earlier in the summer. It had suffered badly from too much treading on along with a scattering of mortar and bits and pieces of stonework.
This is the one area of lawn where I won’t need to do any reseeding.

I'm sure the grass will recover well especially once the current spell of dry weather comes to an end. Aeration and a good raking certainly haven’t done anything to improve its appearance but this is all about having a better lawn next summer. That’s what I'm hoping for whether it works out that way only time will tell.

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  1. I know your torment. It looks like mine, well not as bad though. I have huge bald patches where the dog has dug & peed. The front garden looks better but it's actually all weed & moss, I have raked over & over again, it's getting it up bit by bit but I didn't want to do it al in one go as I knew it would look bad. It's time for more raking & another cut now.
    Will leave the rear garden for next year as I want to layer it as it slopes, just finaces need sorting first.


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