Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It Must Be Autumn

Monday was another lovely sunny day but it was a cool start to the day and it took a while to warm up especially out of the sunshine.

It a sure sign that autumn is on its way when the seed catalogues start falling through the letterbox.
Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could grow they fruit and vegetables as described in the seed catalogues but then there wouldn't be any fun in it would there? I was thinking how quickly the plot was looking very autumnal this year as we seem to have cleared beds pretty early.
Our cut flower beds are still putting on a good show though.
Monday afternoon was spent on the plot tidying up and doing a little bit of harvesting. Considering I’d been thinking how autumnal everything was looking we came away with a pretty good harvest.


  1. Beautiful flowers, and is that cobnuts I spy there? I've never tried them, I'm guessing they're a bit like hazelnuts. I'm waiting for my seed catalogue to arrive. I always believe everything they tell me about their varieties, I'm not sure why, I'm not gullible when it comes to anything else, it's just a seed thing. The triumph of hope over experience I think.

    1. Well spotted CJ they are cobnuts. We're trying to work out when to pick them, store them and eat them. Lots of different info on the web. We do need to pick them before any squirrels "spy" them though.


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