Thursday, 4 September 2014


Wednesday was a dull but very mild day with the temperature reaching 21.2°C.

The weather at the start of September has been dominated by high pressure resulted in settled conditions. One feature, in marked contrast to August, has been the calm conditions.
01 to 03 September 2014 Temperature and High Wind Speeds
Tuesday’s conditions were exceptional in that the highest wind speed recorded was a mere 1 mph not enough to even rustle any leaves. It’s only the second day in my five years of records that this has happened the last occasion been on 21 March 2012. We haven’t had any days with a zero mph reading.

On the plot our strawberries Flamenco continue to make a case for planting them again when we plant up our new bed next spring, as an ever bearing variety.
Almost completely free of slug damage too thanks to the dry weather of the last week or so. A real bonus I think they've made their point.


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