Thursday, 5 January 2012

Battered again

For most of Wednesday we had a lull from being battered by strong winds but then as forecast the strength picked up again and we were battered once again through the late evening and into the early hours of Thursday morning. The winds were stronger and more frequent than Tuesday’s gales.

The chart below (starting at Midnight on Tuesday) plots both storms and shows how last nights storm was more intense.

This time though our bird table and feeder station remained upright and we fortunately haven’t any other damage in the garden. Unfortunately this particular storm coincided with the the local council’s collection of recycled plastic. Their system doesn't work in windy weather as the light weight plastic container supplied for collecting the rubbish just blows around in the wind depositing the contents everywhere - well not quite everywhere mostly in our garden!
So this morning’s first task was to collect other people’s rubbish before council collection lorry arrived - we didn't put ours out as we knew what would happen  - why do people put cardboard packaging in a plastic recycling container?


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