Monday, 16 January 2012

Brrrrr er!

Sunday just got colder as the temperature just managed to creep above 0°C in the early afternoon. It was a cold grey day without any sunshine and of course the ground remained white covered by frost all day. 

It certainly puts on hold any thoughts of gardening as the last few days have really seen winter start to bite.

Our spring bulbs are through the frozen ground but I don’t think they’re extra early and hopefully will come to no harm during this sudden cold snap.

These plants have been well and truly frosted over the last few days with the overnight temperature falling to minus 4.4°C below. It looks as though they will remain in their frozen state a little longer as the temperature at 09:00 Monday morning is still minus 4.4°C.


  1. It's a lovely sunny, crisp day here. There's still frost on the ground, and I had to scrape the ice off the car before I took my son to school, but I really enjoyed walking the dog in the sunshine.

  2. It's nice and sunny here too. I think I'm going to try and de ice the bird bath as the sun's had no effect. Its a solid block of ice.


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