Sunday, 22 January 2012

Never Ending Gale

The one thing we've had lots of this winter is gale force winds. Saturday was typically with strong to gale force winds blowing all day. There might be glimpses of sun and a mild temperature for January but it’s just unpleasant outside in the perpetual gales.

The latest gale started around midnight on Friday and as we approach midday Sunday it’s not relented much apart from a short spell in the early hours of Sunday morning. Those bright frosty days last week without the wind were such a pleasant change from the typical windy days this winter is producing.


  1. I hate the winds, I hardly got any sleep again last night. I'd rather have the snow which was forecast at the start of the week than gales.

  2. We have new wind terms:

    A "wheelie bin tipper" is stronger than an "empty wheelie bin tipper", but not as strong as a "shed tipper".

  3. Hi Jo
    A much calmer night on Sunday and Monday morning isn't looking too bad.

    Hi Mal
    Love the terminology. Brings a little smile thinking about how much the weather forecasts on TV could be brightened up with your descriptions.


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