Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Strawberry cuttings

Monday continued the spell of mild weather. It was dull all day but apart from some light drizzle it remained dry for most of the day.

Sue took some strawberry cuttings from our new plants in the autumn and we wondered how they were getting on. They’ve been left in the cold frame behind the greenhouse and plants left there to over winter can get a little bit neglected. After all our recent rain I at least expected them to be waterlogged.
Surprisingly the plants don’t look too bad. There’s a few brown leaves but that’s to be expected. Most of the plants are still alive with some green leaves. I’m almost tempted to clean away the dead leaves to tidy the plants up and then let them spend the rest of the winter in the greenhouse where they will get a little more TLC than left where they are.

Sue tidied up our strawberry bed on the plot last month clearing away the last of the straw and mulch before giving the soil a gentle hoe just to break up the soil surface to stop it forming a crusty layer.


  1. Sometimes I think strawberries are indestructable. It's stopping them spreading that is the big challenge.

  2. I'd never really considered just how tough strawberry plants are. We've so many cuttings from trying to stop them spreading so they might have the upper hand still.


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