Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Just like the rest of the country we were battered by gale force winds and rain on Tuesday. It’s windy almost every day at the moment but yesterday we had a couple of gusts measured at 30mph and many over  25mph which is unusual for our sheltered suburban garden. 

As you can see from the above graph we had plenty of rain mixed in with the gales. In the end we had 14.0mm of rain producing our wettest day since November 8th 2010. Looks like our spell of below average rainfall might well be over especially as January isn't generally a particularly wet month.

We were lucky that the wind didn’t do too much damage in the garden.
Bird Table and Feeding Station Blown Over
This bird table and RSPB feeding station felt the worst of the weather blowing over in the morning gales. I’m not too sure how it managed to do that as the bird table was weighed down with a small paving slab which the wind needed to dislodge before the table could blow over. One leg of the bird table rested on the base of the feeding station so I thought I had a foolproof method of preventing them from blowing over in any gales. Apparently not!

Adjustments Required
It looks like correcting the feeding station is work in progress as after an afternoon and night of more windy weather its taken on a rather jaunty angle this morning. It looks like it’s still recovering from a rather good New Years Eve party.

The plastic trays which fix to the bottom of the feeders to try to prevent some seed falling to the ground were smashed in the fall and will need to be replaced.

So in the garden we got off very lightly.

Hopefully all will be well when we next visit the plot and our shed and greenhouse will be in one piece and still where they should be on our plot.


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