Saturday, 21 January 2012

What’s left in the Freezer?

Friday was back to normal for this January. The cold snap has gone and we’re back to dull, wet and windy. That just about sums up Friday and of course it was mild for with the daily high temperature making double figures once again although to be fair it didn't manage to get there until midnight.

Robin over at The Garden of Eden posted an inventory of canned produce remaining in the cupboard. I too like to keep a list of our stocks but these are in the freezer rather than canned. I wish I could keep these records a little more accurately but I always seem to find a bag of goodies that have found their way into a forgotten corner of the freezer for a couple of years. As spot on as it ever will be our list of freezer produce remaining from last year.
We've also still enough potatoes in store to last another couple of months by which time they will have started to sprout and grow in any case. We have a few onions left but these haven’t stored very well this year and much of the crop has gone mouldy in store.
Down on the plot we've got parsnips, leeks, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale and beetroot ready to harvest.

In the greenhouse I’d left some winter squash “Crown Prince” and rather luckily they seem to have survived the recent cold spell when temperatures fell to minus 4°C even in the greenhouse. I had intended to give them a little protection but just never got round to it.


  1. I've been too lazy to inventory my freezer. I really should get to it this week though. I also had a hard time with some of my onions this year. It has been mostly the red storage onions. I chopped up a lot of them and froze them.

  2. It's great to have so much food stored for use over winter. We've still got so many beans left in the freezer as well as mange tout and carrots, and at the allotment we've got parsnips, leeks, cavolo nero, curly kale and purple sprouting broccoli. I haven't checked the onions we've got in storage, I'd better do that this weekend.

  3. I liked the cold frosty days better than the damp and grey.

  4. Hi Robin
    I don't think lazy comes into it when you're keeping an inventory of all that canned produce.

    Hi Jo
    We need a visit to the plot for some fresh vegetables but the weather keeps putting us off.

    Hi Rob
    It's not just the damp and grey I don't like but we seem to be in a never ending gale.


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