Friday, 20 January 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes

Thursday produced some sunny periods, scattered showers and blustery winds with temperatures around average.
Just over a week ago it looked like January 2012 might be heading into the records as a particularly mild month. The last week of cold frosty nights has probably put an end to that possibility.

As you can see by the 13th of the month our 2012 purple line was all set to touch the record green line set in 1916 but since then the cold nights have reduced us to a near normal average temperature for the month.

I’m certainly putting any gardening activities on hold as in our un-heated greenhouse the overnight temperatures were down below minus 4°C last week. That’s survival temperatures not growing conditions. The temptation is so great though when other blogger's are getting the new season under way.


  1. Have to post the following link:

    (...prompted by my daughter in Asahikawa.)

  2. Have to report we missed most of that snow by about 10000 miles.


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