Friday, 20 January 2017

Weather's In A Rut

Our weather is stuck in a rut at the moment. On the positive side it isn't stuck in a cold rut it's just gloomy and miserable all day long. It's beginning to seem like we'll never see a bit of blue sky again.
Temperature and Rainfall Details 17-19 January 2017
The temperatures haven't been anything special by day but haven't fallen away through the night due to the heavy cloud cover. I'd swap a bit of overnight frost for some daytime sunshine though.

We tried a bit of retail therapy on Tuesday at one of our local garden centres.
We weren't over impressed with the prices and came away empty handed which is unusual when we visit a garden centre. However, things looked up on Thursday when our main order of seeds arrived from Kings Seeds.
Spread out on the kitchen floor I couldn't help thinking that we are going to be very busy once Spring comes around. For now though everything is staying in its seed packet.


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