Friday, 13 January 2017

By The Canal

Thursday was a much calmer day with yesterday's gales having abated. However, as the wind died down the temperature fell but that was to be expected as the last few days have been mild for January. Light snow had been a possibility but it didn't materialise and we had some very light drizzle instead.
Temperature and High Wind Speed Records 10-12 January 2017
I've spent some time trying to learn better focussing techniques with my camera. I've watched a few videos on YouTube which explain the various options. My main problem is switching between these various options when I'm using my camera in different situations. I tested a few settings out by the Leeds and Liverpool canal.
 Aire & Calder Navigation - Woodlesford Lock
 Aire & Calder Navigation - Woodlesford Lock
It was a dull and dismal afternoon, probably not the best for taking photographs, and it took a while for the camera to focus and allow me to take a picture. It was a little bit too cold for messing about with camera menus and settings. I might have to have another little test trip out to try out a few different settings.


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