Monday, 23 January 2017

New For Old

Apart from last Friday which was a nice sunny day we've had a full week of dull and gloomy weather. Before Friday it was dull and mild for late January but since Friday's sunshine it's been gloomy and cold with a touch of overnight frost and daytime temperatures not much above freezing.
Temperatures & Solar Radiation Records 16-22 January 2017
I had a quick look in the summerhouse to check on our remaining overwintering onions, shallots and Crown Prince squashes. They all look to be keeping okay and the onions and shallots are much drier now they have been moved from the allotment shed into the summerhouse.
To complete the cycle our onions and shallot sets for the new season arrived last week and are being stored in the summerhouse until planting time comes around.
I'll probably take the sets out of their bags and spread them out once I can find some suitable cardboard boxes for the job. I'll need to take care that the different onion varieties don't get mixed up.


  1. Hope you can find card boxes soon to sort the onions! The squash look so huge!

    1. I didn't think our squashes were that big this year. Hoping for bigger ones this year.


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