Friday, 6 January 2017

Ready Frozen Veg!

Wednesday and Thursday have been much better January days with some long sunny spells. However, sunny by day at this time of year usual means frosty by night and the last couple of days have backed this up.

Funnily enough on Thursday we'd visited the greengrocer's in Horbury and bought some fresh fruit but we turned down the easy option of buying a few vegetables deciding instead to check out the state of the vegetables on the allotment. We arrived down at the plot in the middle of the afternoon to find the grass still white with frost.
It was crunchy to walk on and as you walked icy footprints were left embedded in the grass. I'm sure it wasn't doing the grass much good but it's tough stuff down on the allotment. Although the sun was out there was still frost on the ground.
Clearly there hadn't been enough warmth in the sun to melt the frost. After taking some photos and video I decided I'd better see if our vegetables were still edible.
This little lot along with a few Brussels sprouts should keep us going for a few days.


  1. Considering your very busy schedules I'm surprised you managed to fit in a trip to the shops and thank goodness you haven't resorted to raised beds the lazy mans approach your weed membrane is a much better idea

    1. At least frozen grass doesn't need strimming.


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