Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Coldest Day of the Year

The last few days have been a bit mixed although it's certainly remained on the cool side even for January. After a cold dull weekend we were greeted with a foggy start to Monday but the fog lifted and the sun came out for a couple of hours before it clouded over again by lunchtime.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records 22-24 January 2017
Tuesday morning has seen our coldest temperature of 2017 with the thermometer falling to -2.8°C (27.0°F).
Outdoors some of our daisies don't look too happy but a least the pot has survived the cold temperatures intact. That's not the case with our terracotta pots.
As you can see this terracotta pot by the pond and home to a hosta has decided to part company with its rim. Now we will have to decided if we like the look of a well weathered pot or do we repot our hosta into a new terracotta pot. I'm sure all the terracotta pots we buy reckon to be frost resistant but I've never really found they are.


  1. Hi, Martyn, we had our coldest night yet of the year last night, too. It's that time of year. Silliest thing I've ever heard of: Our local gas company (we use natural gas for heating) has sent out an advisory to conserve gas and turn the thermostat down. On the coldest night of the year???


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