Saturday, 7 January 2017

Doesn't Feel Any Warmer

It was a little bit milder on Friday but the downside was, it was cloudy with a little bit of light rain on and off throughout the day. At the beginning of the year, it's tricky to know when to start blogging about either the mildest or coldest days of the year.
Temperature & Rainfall 2017
As we are now a week into the new year I've decided the time is right. Our mildest temperature of the year occurred as the midnight hour struck and the new year began when the temperature was 9.2°C or 48.6°F and the coldest was 05 January when it fell to -1.7°C or 28.9°F. There's a fair chance that the lowest temperature of the year will be set in the next two months whereas we'll have to wait for June, July and August for the highest of the year.

Thanks to our plot neighbour I've been able to repair a section of our compost bins.
One of the old interwoven timber fence panels used to construct the compost bins was falling apart and no longer able to hold any material back. I was given a sturdy piece of timber fencing panel and thought I'd get it in place before anyone else decided to make use of it.
I've erected it in what I'll term a temporary fashion although knowing me it may well finish up a permanent job. At least I might try to knock in the posts a little bit more which won't be so straightforward as the posts are starting to split at the top. The climbing rose in front of the fencing panel needed some further serious pruning but I expect it to recover.

I've finished editing a short video made on our first visit to the plot in 2017 on a very frosty afternoon.
The next job  is to winter wash the apple, pear, cherry, quince, plum and greengage trees.


  1. That's beautiful looking plot and compose area! The timber panel look good!

    1. It should last a few years before it needs replacing again.


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