Monday, 9 January 2017

First Arrivals

The first of our seed orders arrived over the weekend. It wasn't our main order from Kings Seeds but a small order from Suttons Seeds.
A couple of varieties we wanted from Kings weren't available and so we decided to order them from Suttons. That accounts for the lettuce Tom Thumb and the Pea Oregon Sugar Pod. The others we just couldn't resist as we thumbed through the catalogue at the varieties on offer.

I've noticed on Facebook and Twitter that seeds are already being sown for the new season. I've no intention of falling into the trap and being tempted to sow any seeds now. On the seeds delivered this weekend Ageratum and lettuce Tom Thumb have suggested early sowing dates of February. I'll sow a few lettuce and radish seeds in the middle of March to try to bring along a few early crops in the coldframe and greenhouse. I'll leave off sowing any more seeds until the beginning of April. Then the serious sowing starts.

As I expected no sooner had I posted about our mildest day being the very second that the New Year began than it was overtaken by the 07 January 2017 when the temperature managed 10.7°C or 51.3°F.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 06-08 January 2017
Hopefully it won't be too long before that high temperature increases a little bit more. It does seem that some colder weather is on the way for next weekend but there seems to be some doubt about how long it will last.


  1. That Amberboa is irreistable. Wonder if I can find any sources in the US?

    1. I found some! They are called sweet sultan or Centaurea moschata in the US!

    2. Glad you found some seeds. Hope they live up to expectation.

    3. That is another name for them here too.


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