Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Storm With No Name

The weather overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday morning has been awful. Strong winds that started developing on Tuesday night turned into gale force ones overnight.
Temperature & Wind Speed Records 09-11 January 2017
Looking at the graphs above there’s a wind speed in there just after 06:00 at 41mph which takes third place on the highest wind speeds I've recorded in seven years.
Highest Wind Speeds Recorded since January 2010

Amazingly in the middle of the night the temperature reached 11.6°C (52.9°F) the highest of the year so far.

In the garden the birds are having to wait a while before they get breakfast. The wind has blown over the bird table and seed feeders and the way it is continuing to blow there seems little point picking them up until the wind abates a little.
It's the worst storm we've had for some considerable time now but it seems that the Met Office didn't think it severe enough to warrant a name or more likely it didn't meet some criteria that they have for naming storms. I'm not sure what use it is in naming some storms and not others.


  1. That was some wind storm bringing both record heat and record wind speed!

    I do not favor naming of winter storms. It tells you nothing other than it may be the third named stormed of the year such as "Charlotte". Is she coming to visit?" It takes away their uniqueness. "The Wind Storm of January 11, 2017" tells you when the storm occurred and what kind it was. With hurricanes, it is different. They occur rarely and are multi-day events such asHurricane Katrina. But The Great 1900 Galveston Hurricane tells you so much more.

    It was most interesting to see the charts and pictures of what happened at your plot.

    1. I'm not a fan of naming storms either. The forecasters are now trying to decide if we will get some snow over the next few days.


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