Monday, 30 January 2017

Potato Chitting

It wasn't too bad a weekend for the end of January. We had some sunny spells mixed in with a little bit of light rain but the rain didn't amount to much. It was still a little bit on the cold side as we wait for the warmer Atlantic weather systems to arrive through the week ahead.

We headed for the garden centre on Sunday to select our trial seed potatoes for the coming season. They've been placed in the summerhouse to chit before they are planted out in late March or early April.


  1. Thanks, Martyn, just what I needed to see. I didn't know that you did that to onion sets as well. I've got the exact same wicker table and chairs, only they are in my bedroom!

    1. Guess what Jane after buying the wicker chairs for the summerhouse we liked them so much we got some for our bedroom!

      I only spread the onion sets out to stop them getting damp in the net bags.It also stops any spread of rot if one onion goes mouldy.


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