Monday, 29 June 2015

Carrot Spotting

It was a pleasant weekend weather wise with Saturday the better of the two days with far more sunshine. Both days were mild and much better than the earlier part of the month.

On the plot I decided to make use of our carrot tent of enviromesh, where the carrots for one reason or another have disappeared, to plant some left over lettuces which weren’t planted in our raised bed at home.
I had a little investigation to to see if I could spot any carrot seedlings growing alongside the few weeds that had germinated. I did manage to find a couple of carrot seedlings along the two rows I weeded.
It certainly wasn’t going to be a problem finding space to plant out a few lettuce plants. The soil was very dry but I don’t think that was the cause of our carrot disaster. Then pulling out a few more weeds I found I’d pulled out this tiny carrot too.
I wasn’t too disappointed at pulling it up as the top had been eaten away by slugs or snails so I don’t think it was ever going to grow to be a full size carrot.

The strange thing is, sown in the same bed and at the same time as our first carrot sowing are our parsnips Gladiator and they seem completely untouched.
It will be interesting to see if the slugs or snails now munch their way through the lettuces that I’ve planted out.


  1. They look like really nice lettuces. I put some out today - red and green salad bowl, which is a variety that rarely fails here. I'm wondering whether to sow some rocket as well, although it's probably a bit hot now. Your parsnips are looking fantastic.

    1. Our best ever parsnips and worst ever carrots growing or not growing in the same bed. Gardening can be odd at times.

      You are right the next week looks a bit hot for sowing rocket or lettuce. Don't suppose the hot weather will last too long


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