Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bad Hair Day

Thursday and Friday were two lovely warm and sunny June days. A nice change from the cool and windy weather of earlier in the month.

We made the most of the fine weather with a visit to the plot on Thursday to plant out our runner beans, climbing French beans and sweetcorn. 
While we were having a well earned cup of coffee we spotted a wren flitting about in our redcurrant bushes. Unusually for a wren it perched on top of a fence post long enough for us to get some decent photos.
I did have a little bit of a concern that it might get trapped in the redcurrant bushed once our netting is in place to stop the blackbirds raiding the ripening berries. My concerns were soon dismissed as I saw this tiny little bird fly through the chicken mesh netting with no problems at all. A reminder of just how tiny this bird is.
Friday turned out to be the warmer of the two days and we paid a visit to RSPB Old Moor.
This lapwing was having a bad hair day or perhaps it was drying off after a bath.


  1. Your beanpoles are immaculately done, I'm very impressed. I have another row of them to do at the plot soon for some climbing French beans. Lovely bird photos.

    1. I think my beanpoles look better on the photo than in real life.

  2. I use the same system for growing climbing beans. Some of my Runners have climbed halfway up the 8-foot poles now.

    1. Had I planted my runners out any early they'd have been set back by the cold easterly winds we've been having. Hope they wont get any set backs now!


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